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PointsBet Gift Card: Get in on the Action with Sports Betting

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21+ Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER

The PointsBet prepaid card combines ease and security to provide consumers with a Pennsylvania sports betting industry-leading alternative for funding their accounts.

PointsBet is a well-known Australian sports betting company that features a revolutionary PointsBetting system that can result in enormous winnings. They have incorporated a variety of ways to pay on their platform to fund betting on this sportsbook. We will be looking at any available PointsBet sportsbook gift card alternatives, covering how to use them along with where you can buy a PointsBet gift card online or if there is a free PointsBet gift card.

These payment methods are accompanied by a wonderfully low deposit limit of $5, and you will benefit from rapid processing times when utilizing gift cards branded by prominent financial institutions. 

You will not have the choice of a physical card like the DraftKings gift card. Still, you will be able to deposit and withdraw from your sportsbook profile with ease using their unique Mastercard! Is it worthwhile to make the investment? So, we will tell you everything you want to know so you can make an informed decision.

Where Can I get a PointsBet Gift Card?

pointsbet gift card

There is no dedicated PointsBet gift card at this time. However, PointsBet supports a number of gift cards associated with various payment methods. For example, numerous gift cards are particular to Visa and Mastercard, the world’s two most famous digital payment providers. You can use these to deposit funds and redeem the PointsBet promo code on the sportsbook site.

Where to buy PointsBet gift card? Visa gift cards can be purchased at local outlet retailers such as Best Buy or Target. Go to the counter, locate the rack, and select your quantity.

If you want to do it online, look for a reputable buy PointsBet gift card online retailer’s page or go to giftcards.com. You will be able to personalize your options and top up with your own money. You can also send it to the receiver or spend it on your sportsbook account.

PointsBet also accepts standard cards, eWallets, internet banking, prepaid cards, PointsBet gift card near me, and other payment methods.

PointsBet Mastercard

Suppose you are concerned regarding the security of a retail gift card. In that case, you can fund your account with the PointsBet Mastercard. It is a PointsBet-only payment option, but signing up for it is challenging. Because applications for the card closed last year, you will need to contact the sportsbook’s customer service team and request a late application.

After receiving your card, you can load money onto it and use PointsBet deposit options like a regular bank card. It is a very high level of ease for bettors who intend to use the PointsBet platform frequently. Withdrawals will be processed instantly, and deposits can be made at any time through the EML payments interface.

Alternatives to PointsBet Gift Cards

Suppose neither of these alternatives appeals to you. In that case, you may always utilize one of the other payment methods offered by PointsBet. 

  • Debit/credit card
  • Online banking
  • ACH
  • PayNearMe

How to Make Use of a PointsBet Gift Card

You must complete a few procedures after purchasing or receiving a gift card before it is eligible to be used to fund your PointsBet account. Let us go over the steps for a standard Mastercard gift card and then the PointsBet Mastercard.

Gift cards from Visa and Mastercard

The method for ordinary gift cards will differ depending on whether the card is physical or digital. Remove the cardboard covering to find all the card info for the payment on real cards. When you are ready, navigate to the PointsBet account section and complete the following steps:

  1. Select ‘Deposit’ from the user account dropdown menu, followed by the payment choice for your gift card. Go to the Mastercard area if you have received or purchased a Mastercard gift card.
  2. Enter the card information as you would a conventional debit or credit card. Before inserting the card, double-check the expiration date and security code.
  3. You may now enter the amount you want to deposit. We recommend spending the entire value of the gift card to avoid any relevant fees by making a single payment.
  4. Finally, click ‘Deposit,’ and your money should be in your online gambling account.

The deposit process for digital prepaid cards will be the same as for physical cards, with the only distinction being that all of the details will be displayed on the digital copy, which will still be used as a regular bank card.

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Your PointsBet Membership Card

The PointsBet Mastercard will function similarly to a traditional bank account. It can be filled up like a prepaid gift card using the EML payment platform, and you will be able to transact with any money accessible at the online sportsbook just like a conventional debit card. Cash deposited to the card can also be utilized on your sportsbook account, eliminating the need to wait for processing.

In essence, it is a Play+ card for online betting that has been branded for PointsBet use. Such systems aid in the avoidance of rejected gambling transactions.

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Gift Card Betting Rules

Because these prepaid cards can be used to fund online gambling, they will always be subject to some type of regulation. These restrictions differ by state, but they all pertain to responsible gaming. This website also contains state-specific regulations.

The majority of online sportsbooks will scrutinize your deposits from time to time and limit the amount you deposit. PointsBet will only apply this rule if you have placed a deposit limit on the account you created; this is typically done to promote responsible gambling.

Because the restrictions may alter while you are visiting another state, we strongly advise you to contact PointsBet’s customer support staff to confirm that you are eligible to make gift card deposits.

The Advantages of Using a Gift Card on PointsBet

One of the main advantages of utilizing a gift card as a payment method is the quick processing time with PointsBet. After entering your credit card information and choosing your deposit amount, the funds should appear in your online sports betting profile immediately.

Where can I purchase a PointsBet gift card? Prepaid gift cards also have the advantage of being widely available at most major retail outlets and online. It means you will not have to fight to fund your account when it is time to put your next wager.

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing prepaid gift cards is increased privacy. When gamblers use a gift card to fund their online betting accounts, like in how to bet parlay on PointsBet, they never give the sportsbook their credit card or banking information. Although all registered US sports betting app operate in a highly regulated business, some customers are still apprehensive about disclosing critical information. 

As a result, using a payment method that limits the amount of persons who can access personal data will always be a good idea. Using a prepaid card might also lessen the possible damage if a betting site suffers a hacking issue or a breach.

Another advantage of utilizing a prepaid gift card is the fact that it can help you manage your expenditure more effectively than other payment methods, like bank transfers or debit cards using an online sports betting site. When you buy a prepaid gift card, whether it is a PointsBet card or a Caesars Rewards gift card, the most you can deposit is the price that you paid for the gift card in the first place. 

If you still need to link a bank account or a debit card to your sportsbook account, it is more challenging to go over budget chasing your losses.

Best of all? You are playing with cash online, which only gift card betting companies like PointsBet provide. And there is no more effective way to control your spending than using one-time prepaid gift cards.

On the other hand, gift cards support $5+ deposits on PointsBet but cannot be used to cash out your winnings. You must make room for any other choice to acquire money gained from online gambling.







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