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BetMGM Sportsbook Pennsylvania Review

BetMGM Sportsbook PA – Brand Review and Bonus Codes Revealed

betmgm sportsbook PAThere are a handful of brands in the sportsbook industry that can be considered legendary and betMGM is certainly one of those. Backed by a history in the field and considered one of the most reputable in the sports market, it’s no wonder BetMGM was one of the first to be handed a license after Pennsylvania legalized online sports betting.

However, does their sportsbook deliver on their brand value? Are their odds and promotions about the best in the business and do their payment methods and customer service options befit a company of their standing? Find out all you can in our genuine review of the BetMGM sportsbook in PA.







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BetMGM Pennsylvania Sportsbook Welcome Bonus

When it comes to a welcome bonus, BetMGM delivers the goods. Their opening bonus comes in the form of a risk-free bet worth $1000, but how does it work?

BetMGM Pennsylvania Sportsbook Bonus Code PA

When signing up with BetMGM, and more on exactly how to do that later on, you’ll need to remember to enter the bonus code in order to bag this introductory offer. First, you’ll have to make an initial deposit, and this is where the fun begins, if that first bet doesn’t win you’ll get a full refund of up to $600.

Clearly there are a few caveats to take into account.

  • Losing bets of up to $50 will be refunded with one bet credit
  • Wagers over $50 will be refunded in five equal bets
  • You’ll have a week to use the bets or they will expire

This is a very attractive opening offer and will give you a good chance to test out the BetMGM site and also gives you some insurance on your initial bet. All in all, it’s a promising offer from a brand that knows it’s got a solid reputation to build off of.

BetMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code and Promotion

As well as this leading welcome bonus, BetMGM runs a number of promotions throughout the year, here are a few examples of others they run regularly.

  • $25 NBA Parlay Insurance
  • NBA Playoffs Risk-Free Token
  • $20 Stanley Cup Playoff Insurance
  • $10 Monday Club Free Bet

BetMGM Sportsbook Pros and Cons


  • Massive welcome bonus
  • Great futures odds
  • Live streaming facility
  • Quick payouts
  • Easy access to casino and poker apps


  • Not all states have the same offers
  • Loyalty program not great for casual users
  • Customer service is a bit basic

BetMGM Sportsbook PA History

Sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania, and it’s worth noting that this doesn’t mean you have to be a resident of the state, but just that you must be physically situated within its borders before you can use the relevant operator services that are licensed in PA.

Once sports betting was made legal in the state in 2019 and by 2021 there were ten providers licensed to operate, with BetMGM being one of the first to receive this permission to do so.

BetMGM is affiliated with the physical casino, Hollywood Casino in Morgantown.

Among the other sportsbooks operated out of Pennsylvania, there are the following, as well as their retail partners

Draftkings Sportsbook – The Meadows Casino
Unibet Sportsbook – Mohegan Sun Pocono
Fox Bet Sportsbook – Mount Airy Casino
Fanduel Sportsbook – Valley Forge Casino
BetRivers Sportsbook – Rivers Pittsburgh
Caesars Sportsbook – Harrah’s Philadelphia
Parx Sportsbook – Parx Casino
BetAmerica Sportsbook – Presque Isle Downs
Barstool Sportsbooks – Hollywood Casino







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Sportsbook Betting in Pennsylvania

In May 2019 the state of Pennsylvania became the latest to legalize online sports betting and as a result a number of reputable providers have been given the relevant license, including of course BetMGM.

The Keystone State was granted permission to allow online sports betting by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and the licenses given to online casinos are dependent on them being tied to a physical casino within the state’s borders.

Non-sports betting is not allowed, therefore you won’t see additional betting opportunities presented at online sportsbooks in PA, such as making a wager on who will win at the Oscars or even the next presidential race.

How to Sign-Up with BetMGM Sportsbook in Pennsylvania

The sign-up process from any good sportsbook should be straightforward and follow a common-sense approach and BetMGM certainly does this.

In order to sign-up simply visit the BetMGM sportsbook App site and head for the REGISTER button in the top right hand corner. Then follow these easy steps.

  1. Click register on the website
  2. Enter a valid email address
  3. Supply your chosen password
  4. Next fill in the form, this includes your birthdate, first and last name, and the last four digits of your social security number
  5. This next part is important, this is where you can make the most of the bonus offered by BetMGM, by using the code
  6. Enter your home address and telephone number
    Finally, you’ll have to confirm terms and conditions and verify you’re over 21, and you can get started!

BetMGM Sportsbook PA Apps – iOS and Android

betmgm sportsbook PA app

BetMGM sportsbook app offers sportsbook betting both for iOS and Android and both are very much top of the range in terms of their interface.

If you wish to get the iOS app you can do so via the App Store but the Android app you’ll have to acquire via the BetMGM website directly. Both are easy to download and the functionality of both is above average.

Often the service you receive on a sportsbook app is inferior to what you might experience on desktop, but for BetMGM this isn’t the case.

The set-up of the main pages works the same as on desktop, more on that below, and as such, the user experience is smooth and easy to get into. Even those who are unused to sportsbook betting will get the hang of it very quickly.

There is always some residual issues when comparing a mobile app and a desktop service, but these are minimal with BetMGM, and that’s a bonus overall

BetMGM Sportsbook App Betting Interface

A key element, arguably ahead of many other factors, is the ease with which you can interact with the website/mobile interface offered by the brand. Some sites are way behind the curve on this front, putting their products out on systems that are outdated, clunky and not fit for purpose. Others put more effort into this aspect and we can happily report that BetMGM fits into the latter category.

The moment you visit the BetMGM site you know it’s the real deal. The whole user interface is slick, understated and very intuitive.

Along the top navigation menu you are handily given the option to jump to their casino or poker facilities, which may or may not be of interest, but it’s a nice touch to know you can navigate to BetMGM’s other products.

Below the main navigation bar you have the menu that brings you closer to the specific sports you may be wishing to bet on. These are ordered by importance, with the likes of NBA, MLB and NFL front and center, depending on which leagues are running and what month you are visiting the site.

After their ‘mainstays’ you have a smart option of an ‘easy parlay’ which puts together a selection of the big games/fixtures in a selection of sports, this gives you a quick and easy way to put together a nice parlay. This is very relevant for those who are experienced sports bettors and want to get on with the serious business of placing a bet.

Beyond this you have a number of sports and this is where you get to see the sheer breadth of options. A simple click, for example, on the Tennis section dives you into the matches that are either happening right now or in the very near future, as well as the big events in the calendar (from major tournaments to challenger tour events), it’s all here in easy reach.

This level of betting action is perfect if you happen to be an expert in one particular sport or a big fan, and want to try you hand at backing a relatively unknown pair of players or teams, the size of the betting market offered by BetMGM is pretty much unrivalled and it’s easy to get lost, in a good way, among the number of betting possibilities they offer.

Below this level of navigation you have a series of key bets they want to attract your attention to. These will be interesting competitive odds on forthcoming fixtures or even live matches, this offers you a quick way into whatever is big right now.







Up To $1000 Risk Free Bet

No requirements

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In the pane below this you are provided with the number of promotions that are operating, such as the risk-free bet of $600, which is BetMGM’s flagship offer, to other interesting promotions that are usually related to big events such as NBA playoffs, postseason NFL or end of season MLB bonuses.

To the left hand side you have quick links to all the major sports and in the central area you have moneyline odds for the top events.

On the right hand side they have a betting slip ready for you to get going with as well as items in their parlay generator, these are essentially tips they are offering you and could come in handy if you are interested in a particular game but haven’t decided what particular bet to make.

To the top right hand corner you’ll see the LOGIN and REGISTER areas, these are easily found and the process is very simple, you’ll find out more about that in our sign-up guide in this BetMGM review.

Also in the top right hand area you’ll find the help and contact section and this is essentially something of an FAQ area. Yes it’s all automated but there is a host of information here which includes a number of relevant topics from account verification to the sports betting rules.

This help area is pretty smooth and it’s likely you’ll find what you need here without having to interact with BetMGM’s customer support service, but if you wish to do that, more information on this can be found within this review.

Other Interesting BetMGM Features

BetMGM offer a ‘Media’ area on their homepage and here you can easily access any live stream events they offer, these are presented in high quality and are a nice pairing with any live-betting action you might wish to undertake.

Along the navigation bar you also have quick links to promotions that are on offer and their search function is a nice way to get straight to what you are looking for and is a must given the number of areas you can bet within.

BetMGM Sportsbook Betting Types

betmgm sportsbook website

One great thing about sportsbook betting, which gives it a distinct edge over the likes of casinos or table games (like poker or blackjack), is the sheer width of betting options available to you.

These are expansive in pretty much all the major sports and offer you a myriad of ways to back a prediction in your chosen sports. To help you get around in the world of sportsbook betting we’ve put together a guide to the different ways you can bet on sports.


This is the most common form of sports betting and is basically a case of backing an outright winner in a match or game. The odds are presented like this.

Miami Dolphins -220
San Diego Chargers +230

The team represented by a minus is the favorite and in this instance this would mean you’d have to wager $220 before you won an additional $100 if Miami Dolphins won. However a $100 bet on the underdog, in this case the San Diego Chargers, would lead to you winning $230. Clearly this is less likely to occur, and this is where your judgement comes into play.

Moneyline betting is available in all sports.


This type of bet relates to the total number of points, or goals, scored in a match. A sportsbook will set a bar for this and you can elect to go either over or under, and the odds for each will be positioned in relation to the likelihood of this.

Points Spread

Sometimes this form of betting can be termed as ‘handicap’ betting and this gives you the opportunity to bet on an outcome with factors in place to help, or hinder, a team. Here’s an example.

San Francisco 49ers -5.5
Chicago Bears +5.5

In this example the 49ers are clearly the favorite and if you want to back them to win then they’ll have to do so by at least 6 points, as this is their handicap. However perhaps you think the Bears can stay close to San Francisco, and a bet on them would require Chicago to either win or be within 5 pts of the 49ers.

This type of bet can help one-sided encounters become a more interesting betting prospect.


A parlay refers to a combination of bets that you make that require all outcomes to be in your favor for you to successfully win. These can come in the form of anything between two and as many as 20+ bets, the odds clearly increase significantly as you win each ‘leg’ of the bet.

This type of betting is more for very experienced sports bettors, and isn’t something you should jump into right away. Clearly, the winnings you can accrue can be very big, but the chances are very low that you’ll succeed.

Some providers, including BetMGM, offer Parlay Insurance and this means that if you perhaps win five out of six bets in your parlay, you’ll win a portion of the sum you would’ve got for completing the entire parlay. This helps give you a slight edge overall but it should be noted that parlays are very hard to win.


Futures betting refers to those bets that take a while to come to fruition. Perhaps at the beginning of the baseball season you want to back your team to clinch the World Series, that would be considered a futures bet. A bet that can sometimes take months to fulfill, but gives you an increased interest for the long-term.

Sometimes these can be related to individual players, and not teams, such as betting on the NBA Rookie of the Year. This is a good way for you to back your own favorite team in a way that retains your long-term interest in the wager.

Futures is a good way to judge how competitive the odds are with each sportsbook, as you can measure them directly against each other.


In betting terms prop betting is kind of like the joker in the pack. Usually these are fun bets in relation to big end of season showpiece events and may not have anything to do with the sports event itself.

For instance a common ‘prop’ bet in the NFL is a bet on how many adverts will be screened at half-time in the SuperBowl, or perhaps the opening coin toss.

These are fun bets that perhaps more appeal to those with less knowledge of an event or sport that offer individuals a chance at a fair bet nonetheless.

Live ‘In-Play’ Betting

The growing use of mobile apps as a sports betting tool has led to a marked increase in ‘live’ in-play betting. Basically this refers to betting within the match itself, something that is a good way to measure the speed, effectiveness and service that your chosen sportsbook offers in their iOS or Android applications.

For sports like basketball in-play betting offers a near endless opportunity to place a bet and it’s a good way to make the game more interesting. However be aware of your activity as you bet ‘in-play’ as you can be placing multiple bets in real-time and the losses can mount up.

Always use these services responsibly and again this isn’t the type of sports betting you should be considering from the outset, it’s more a tool for experienced gamblers who know the market they are working within.







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BetMGM Sports Betting PA – Sports and Events

BetMGM offers a vast array of sports and events to bet on, be they homegrown tournaments and leagues in the US, or worldwide sports events both big and small. They’ve got it all.

Here’s a selection of the sports and leagues they allow betting on.

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • PGA Tour Golf
  • MLS
  • WNBA
  • Soccer
  • Premier League
  • Champions League
  • Tennis

BetMGM Sportsbook Payment Methods – Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the big positives about BetMGM, especially when compared with some other ‘leading’ brands, is the large number of payment methods that are supported. Some providers only allow ‘basic’ options in this regard, BetMGM goes that one step further.

This means that depositing and making withdrawals is not only easy, it’s also speedy and that’s one of the best things you can say about any sportsbook.

Below are details of the modes and methods that are supported by BetMGM.

BetMGM Deposit Options

  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • Paypal
  • E-Check
  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • BetMGM Play+ Card

BetMGM Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer
  • E-Check
  • Paypal
  • BetMGM Play+ Card

BetMGM Customer Support

BetMGM, on the face of it, offers a number of options when it comes to customer support and the manner in which you can direct your question or query. However, it appears that most options push you towards sending an email.

There are phone and Live Chat facilities but these are plagued by demand, and therefore email would appear to be the best option.

However their FAQ section does tend to weed out most issues and questions you might have, and therefore would lead to you not having to attempt other options.

BetMGM Loyalty Program

BetMGM has a solid loyalty program that rewards you for pretty much every transaction you enter into. These can be built up pretty swiftly and then you’ll be entitled to some level of reward.

Below is a table of the five different levels within the iRewards program, which you are automatically invited to when you sign-up.

Sapphire Zero
Pearl 25,000 pts
Gold 50,000 pts
Platinum 200,000 pts
Noir Invite only

You can take these points and use them for promotions and bonuses as well as within the Loyalty Store.

It’s always good to have a loyalty program but a common complaint with BetMGM’s service is that you are required to make a very large number of actions before you start to see the benefit, and as such it’s seen by many as more a reward for high-rollers and not the occasional user.

What We Like About BetMGM Sportsbook PA

Given the size and reputation of BetMGM we’d expect their sportsbook service to be one of the best in the business and we can say categorically it is.

Everything about their site ticks the boxes. If you want competitive odds and offers that are on a par with or better than their competitors, then you won’t be disappointed. BetMGM’s range of events and sports is pretty damn huge but their interface is easy to move within and not glitchy or slow.

The opening offers for new sign-ups are strong and the promotions that are available to users will retain your interest. We do wish their loyalty program was a little bit more geared to those that are not high-rollers, but this is only a small concern.







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BetMGM Sportsbook FAQs

Is BetMGM a Trustworthy Online Sportsbook?

Yes. The BetMGM brand is one of the more reputable in the business and therefore is 100% trustworthy.

Do I Have to be a Pennsylvania Resident to use BetMGM in PA?

No. You don’t have to be a resident in the Keystone State, but you do need to be physically situated within its borders to use their services. You can not use their site or app via a VPN.

Is Sports Betting legal in Pennsylvania?

Yes. As of 2019 it’s legal to bet on sports online, via one of the licensed operators.