PA Sports Betting – Pennsylvania Sportsbooks 2021

Sports betting in PA, following a number of other states, is now legal and there are a number of great Pennsylvania based sports betting sites to enjoy.

This review is designed to maximize your enjoyment of the sector, providing a detailed appraisal of the brands in the PA sports betting market as well as the raft of information regarding the medium of sports betting as a whole.

Consider us a one-stop-shop for all things sports betting in PA and make the most of the knowledge imparted by our sports betting experts as well as a host of exclusive offers, promotions and bonuses provided by the online sports betting sites available in the state.







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Top Five PA Sports Betting Apps (2021)

The sports betting market is a crowded one and our site will help you navigate this potential minefield. To help you isolate your search to the very best in the business, here’s a list of the top five Pennsylvania online sports betting apps.

DraftKings Sportsbook


  • $50 Free Bet
  • Up to $1000 Matched Deposit Bonus


  • Vast Betting Market
  • Great Interface

What They Do Well

DraftKings Sportsbook is in many ways an ideal ‘starter’ service for sports betting novices but is also adaptable enough to appeal to experts in the field. Their smooth interface, both on desktop and app, makes your betting experience simple and intuitive and their loyalty program promotes longevity from it’s many customers.

UNIBET Sportsbook


  • $600 Risk-Free Bet
  • $40 Free Bet


  • Great Live Betting Experience
  • Smooth Design

What They Do Well

This trusted brand has a rich history, both in the States and overseas, offers a nice array of ongoing promotions and deals that will reward newbies and those who know their way around a sportsbook. A massive array of betting options, and fields, makes Unibet a very good long term option for sports betting enthusiasts.

BetRivers Sportsbook


  • $250 Matched Bonus


  • Great Competitive Odds Offered
  • Nice mobile app interface

What They Do Well

These guys are very much ahead of the game when it comes to their in-play betting calendar and covers less popular ‘niche’ sports very well indeed. Live streaming options are also a bonus and their promotions are solid and numerous.

BetMGM Sportsbook


  • $600 Risk-Free Bet


  • Massive welcome bonus
  • Great futures odds
  • Quick payouts

What They Do Well

BetMGM Sportsbook is a massive brand and everything about their site ticks the boxes. If you want competitive odds and offers that are on a par with or better than their competitors, then you won’t be disappointed.

FoxBET Sportsbook


  • $500 Risk-Free Bet


  • Superb Welcome Bonus Package
  • Nice Range of Payment Methods

What They Do Well

FoxBet are certainly up there with the best brands in the sports betting field and their offers and user experience are among the most appealing aspects to what they have to offer both novices and experienced bettors. Their ongoing promotions are a particularly effective way of retaining their loyal customer base.

Is Sports Betting Legal in PA

Sports betting is indeed legal in the state of Pennsylvania after the relevant bill was passed by the Gaming Control Board of PA. Operators in the area were legally allowed to apply for a relevant license from May 2019 and a number of trusted brands have since moved into the sports betting space in the state.

History of Sports Betting in the US

Sports betting as a whole has a rich history in the United States and in recent years the legalization of online sportsbook activity has started to stretch to a number of territories and any given month sees new states either looking to pass the relevant legislation or at least moving well on the way to doing so.

Most states that allow sports betting require licensed operators to be aligning and partnering with a physical bricks and mortar establishment within the state borders, before they can legally operate a sports betting app and site.

The breadth of betting opportunities available within sports betting is vast, and growing rapidly due to smart new ways of marketing the field, and to aid you on your sports betting journey, see below our guide on the various types of sports betting opportunities that await you.

Sports Betting Types

There are countless ways to place a bet within the sportsbook field, making it distinctly different to the likes of casinos or table games (like roulette or blackjack).

These are expansive in pretty much all the major sports and offer you a myriad of ways to back a prediction in your chosen sports. To help you get around in the world of sports book betting we’ve put together a guide to the different ways you can bet on sports.


This is the most common form of sports betting and is basically a case of backing an outright winner in a match or game. The odds are presented like this.

Arizona Cardinals -220

Toronto Bluejays +230

The team represented by a minus is the favorite and in this instance this would mean you’d have to wager $220 before you won an additional $100 if the Arizona Cardinals won. However a $100 bet on the underdog, in this case the Toronto Bluejays, would lead to you winning $230. Clearly this is less likely to occur, and this is where your judgement comes into play.

Moneyline betting is available and the most common form of all sports betting types.


This type of bet relates to the total number of points, or goals, scored in a match. A sportsbook will set a bar for this and you can elect to go either over or under, and the odds for each will be positioned in relation to the likelihood of this, and every sportsbook will differ according to their own expectations.

Points Spread

Sometimes this form of betting can be termed as ‘handicap’ betting and this gives you the opportunity to bet on an outcome with factors in place to help, or hinder, a team. Here’s an example.

New England Patriots -5.5

Green Bay Packers +5.5

In this example the 49ers are clearly the favorite and if you want to back them to win then they’ll have to do so by at least 6 points, as this is their handicap. However perhaps you think the Packers can stay close to New England, and a bet on them would require Green Bay to either win or be within 5 pts of the Patriots.

This type of bet can help one-sided encounters become a more interesting betting prospect.


A parlay refers to a combination of bets that you make that require all outcomes to be in your favor for you to successfully win, this is sometimes referred to as an accumulator. These can come in the form of anything between two and as many as 20+ bets, the odds clearly increase significantly as you win each ‘leg’ of the bet.

This type of betting is more for very experienced sports bettors, and isn’t something you should jump into right away. Clearly the winnings you can accrue can be very big, but the chances are very low that you’ll succeed.

Some providers offer Parlay Insurance and this means that if you perhaps win five out of six bets in your parlay, you’ll win a portion of the sum you would’ve got for completing the entire parlay. This helps give you a slight edge overall but it should be noted that parlays are very hard to win.


Futures betting refers to those bets that take a while to come to fruition. Perhaps at the beginning of the baseball season you want to back your team to clinch the World Series, that would be considered a futures bet. A bet that can sometimes take months to fulfill, but gives you an increased interest for the long-term.

Sometimes these can be related to individual players, and not teams, such as betting on the NBA Rookie of the Year. This is a good way for you to back your own favorite team in a way that retains your long-term interest in the wager.

Futures is a good way to judge how competitive the odds are with each sportsbook, as you can measure them directly against each other.


Prop bets, short for proposition bets, are a fun way to place a sports bet and usually one that is popular with those less knowledgeable about the sport or event in question. These are fun bets in relation to big end of season showpiece events and may not have anything to do with the sports event itself.

A common ‘prop’ bet in the NFL is a bet on how many adverts will be screened at half-time in the SuperBowl, or perhaps the opening coin toss.

These are interesting bets that perhaps more appeal to those with less experience or awareness of an event or sport that offer individuals a chance at a fair bet nonetheless.

Live ‘In-Play’ Betting

The expansion of the ‘in-play’ betting market is in direct correlation with the growth in the use of smartphones and portable devices as ways to place bets.

‘In-play’ betting, sometimes called live betting, essentially refers to betting within the game itself, something that is a good way to measure the speed, effectiveness and service that your chosen sportsbook offers in their iOS or Android applications.

For fast moving sports like basketball in-play betting offers a near endless opportunity to place a bet and it’s a good way to make the game more interesting. However be aware of your activity as you bet ‘in-play’ as you can be placing multiple bets in real-time and the losses can mount up.

Remember to use these services responsibly and to be clear this isn’t the type of sports betting you should be considering from the outset, it’s more for experienced gamblers who know the market they are working within.

What to Look For In a Good Sports Betting Site in PA

When it comes to seeking out the best sports betting site there are a number of criteria you should be taking close attention to. These are important areas that your chosen sportsbook will either excel or disappoint in and knowing this ahead of your sign-up is very important indeed.

Here are the areas you need to factor in.

Bonuses and Promotions

The offers used to entice you, be they no-deposit bonuses or matched deposit promotions, are a brand’s way to secure your business. Always see what a provider has to offer before you sign-up but make sure to read the small print as sometimes the offers require a great number of ‘play-throughs’ before you ever see a cent.

Competitive Odds and Betting Lines

Shop around. See what kinds of odds you get on a range of typical money lines and cross-reference them to work out which is giving the chance of the best possible winning payouts.

Size of Betting Market

If you develop a taste for sport betting then you are going to want to know that your chosen sportsbook is adaptable to your needs. Say for instance a particular sport, let’s say basketball, is your sport of choice.

You will want to know that the sportsbook you choose can not only give you a ton of options in terms of the NBA but you might also want to bet on Euroleague action or perhaps college level basketball, you need to make sure that as well as giving you great odds and lines for the showpiece events, they also need to give you options in ‘lesser’ niche events.

Quality and Speed of Site/App Interface

Some sportsbooks let themselves down when it comes to the dynamic approach to desktop and apps. By this we mean, you’ll want a sportsbook to give you the same type, and level, of service on both your desktop and your mobile, and that can sometimes be a real issue.

Occasionally a sportsbook’s app will only display a portion of what they offer on desktop and there can be issues with the speed and ease of use when you are using their service on your smartphone. The best sportsbook providers will have such issues resolved long before you get your hands on their apps.

Payment Options and Customer Service

A regular complaint when it comes to a sportsbook can revolve around the speediness of their payouts or the inability of their customer service to respond in a timely fashion. These interactions may not be common but you are going to want to know that you won’t be left in the cold.

Similarly you’ll want the deposit methods to match your banking choices and sometimes sportsbooks just don’t support your preferences.

A Guide to Downloading a Mobile Sports Betting App

Sportsbooks make downloading their apps very simple. Often they’ll have relevant pages on the Google Play and Apple store, though it’s common that one or both may have to be downloaded directly from their sites.

Also be aware of geolocation restrictions and how these have a knock on effect on your mobile app downloads. Though you don’t have to be a resident to use a sportsbook app in PA, you will need to be physically situated within the state’s borders.

Geolocation and Registration In PA

Geolocation has always been something of an issue when it comes to sports apps in the United States. In order to legally use a sports app in a state which has passed legislation to allow sports betting, you don’t need to be a resident.

However, you do need to be physically situated in the state. This means when you are accessing your chosen site, either via desktop or mobile app, you can not be doing so via a VPN.

Annoyingly some sportsbooks will give out a ‘false positive’ if they think you are not in the relevant state, in this instance Pennsylvania. Fortunately this occurs far less than previously and some brands are better at avoiding this issue than others.

It’s also worth noting that while you won’t be able to place bets from your account when outside the state borders, you can still access it for the purposes of payments and other activity.

Sports Betting in PA – Who Is Operating In the State?

As well as the top brands, outlined above, there are a number of other strong sportsbook providers in Pennsylvania. Here is a list of the options when it comes to online gambling in PA. Below you’ll see the online casino provider alongside the physical casino they are aligned with.

  • BetRivers / Rivers Philadelphia
  • DraftKings / Meadowlands Casino and Racing
  • Parx Sportsbook and Casino
  • BetAmerica / Presque Isle Downs & Casino
  • Skybox Sports Bar / Hollywood
  • FanDuel / Valley Forge Casino
  • Unibet / Mohegan Sun Casino
  • FOX Bet / Mount Airy Casino
  • The Book / Harrah’s Casino

Sports Event Guide

US Sports betting revolves a great deal around the blue chip events such as NBA, NFL and MLB, but it’s worth noting that the American market has become a lot less insular than it once was. This has led to a marked increase in betting action relating to events in Europe and beyond.

Sports like soccer, golf and tennis are now hot on the heels of the traditional American sports and as such when selecting your sportsbook of choice, you should check to see just how deep is their dive into all possible sports and leagues of all levels.

Here is a list of what you might consider ‘standard’ sports/leagues that will be available in just about every PA online sportsbook.

  • NFL
  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf (USPGA/Majors)
  • MMA
  • Formula One
  • Rugby Union
  • Rugby League
  • Cricket
  • Boxing
  • Snooker
  • Darts

Unlike some states, in PA you can not bet on non-sporting events, such as betting on the Oscars or the presidential race.

You can however bet on college sports and events such as March Madness are huge in the sports betting world and well worth taking an interest in from a betting perspective.

Payment Methods – Making a Deposit and Withdrawal from a Sports Betting Site

The search for a good sports betting brand involves each potential provider impressing on various levels of the service they provide. The scope of banking options, and the speed of these, is a crucial part of the process.

Always check to see what types of payment methods are offered, both for depositing and withdrawals, as these can actually differ within a single brand.

Here are some standard options that will be available with most sportsbooks.


Credit/Debit Card

Prepaid Card (some brands offer their own services in this field)



Check or Money Order

The speed with which each of these transactions can take is different with each provider and you should make sure to check out the guidelines offered, before you sign-up.

Sports Betting PA FAQs

Is Sports Betting Legal in PA?

Yes. Sports betting is now legal in Pennsylvania and there are a number of trustworthy sportsbooks to sign-up with.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Sports Betting in PA?

Yes. As gambling income is considered taxable income, you will have to report these on your regular annual tax return.

Is DraftKings available in Pennsylvania?

Yes, we are happy to report that DraftKings is a sportsbook that operates in PA and is one of the foremost options available to those who wish to bet on sports in the state.

What Info Do I Need to Sign-Up for a Betting App/Site in PA?

Signing up for a site/brand or app is very simple. In order to do so each brand requires a few details (such as your name/address/age) and others expand this to include four digits of your social security number and other basic details. If you are using a trusted provider, such as those listed and referenced here, then you can feel confident that any data or information you have provided is safe and secure from nefarious usage.