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Anytime Touchdown Prop Bets Explained

anytime touchdown scorer prop bets

A touchdown is a way to score six points in a football game. A touchdown is scored when a player gains possession of the football and progresses it into the opposing end zone. In this review, we will cover Anytime Touchdown Prop Bets.

The NFL season has arrived, which means it’s a great time to explore some of the options available in the online sportsbook industry. First, you can bet on sides and totals, yet player prop bets have become increasingly popular in recent years. It includes bets on the first touchdown scorer at any time.

What Sportsbooks to Bet Anytime TD Props

The sportsbooks below have more opportunity options to meet your TD prop demands. As previously stated, when it relates to Anytime TD props, always look around for the best price.

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How to Bet on NFL Touchdown Propositions

On the surface, NFL TD Props appear to be simple. If you bet on a player scoring, you will win. However, there are numerous approaches to winning the wager. Each variant will come with its own set of odds.

  • Anytime Touchdown Scorer: A wager on the ability of a player to score at any time during the game.
  • The game’s first or last TouchDown: Bet whether players will score the first or last touchdown.
  • Over/under on player TouchDowns: You can over- or underline the sportsbook’s line.
  • Each team’s first touchdown scorer: Choose which gamblers are the first to cross the goal line for their different teams.
  • The player with at least two TouchDowns: Gamble on a player who will be playing a multi-point game.

Although the anytime touchdown wager is currently the most popular, there are other options for those who prefer to take a more strategic approach with some additional risk.

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Anytime Touchdown Scorer Explained

The name is self-explanatory, but touchdown props correspond to wagering on a particular player to score a touchdown at any time in the game. These props are primarily aimed at offensive players. However, they can also be applied to special teams and defenders. That being said, I wouldn’t waste your time on them. Defensive and special teams touchdowns are almost entirely random, so predicting when they will occur is a fool’s errand.

On the other hand, estimating rushing and receiving touchdowns is a little easier. Most of the expected quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and also the tight ends will have an anytime TD scorer prop submitted to the diverse sportsbooks. 

The top players, or those who are expected to hit the most frequently, are frequently available for much less than even money. On the other hand, players who do not score frequently are frequently available at large plus-money payouts.

Wagering on anytime touchdown scorers is thus a two-pronged strategy. First, you wager on guys such as Jonathan Taylor and Cooper Kupp, and they almost always win. The payout, however, will be small, and the weeks they don’t score will do more damage to your bankroll.

Betting on an individual like the team’s fourth receiver has the opposite effect. You’ll lose those anytime TD scorer bets much more frequently, but your losses will be more minor. When they score, you’ll be rewarded with a much larger payout.

All strategies have merit and can be used in tandem every week.

Do Passing Touchdowns Count As Anytime Touchdowns?

No, it does not. Anytime a touchdown scorer prop is used, it refers to the player who scores the touchdown. For example, it could be a runner crossing the goal line or a player receiving the ball at the end zone. That is, on passing touchdowns, the receiver is given credit for the score.

However, this does not preclude you from betting on quarterbacks in this industry. Quarterbacks are usually reasonably priced in this market, yet they score more rushing touchdowns than one might expect.

Meaning of 2+ Touchdowns Bet

If wagering on a player to score a single touchdown isn’t exciting enough, you can also wager on a player to score several touchdowns. These bets work similarly toward the anytime touchdown scorer props. However, the chosen player must score at least twice. They can score touchdowns in various ways, including rushing, receiving, and special teams, but they must get the ball to the end zone twice.

These, like with the anytime TD scorer props, are geared toward star players. So, for example, Jonathan Taylor is +300 to score at least two touchdowns, which he did five times last season, but teammate Parris Campbell is +2000.

Bets on No Touchdown Scorer

These bets hit infrequently, but they pay out handsomely. But, of course, these gambles only win if no touchdowns are gone on to score in a given game.

During the 2021-22 NFL regular season, players played 272 games, and only two were scoreless. Amusingly, both scoreless games showcased one of the NFL’s best offensive teams. The Saints and Buccaneers failed to score on December 19th, whereas the Bills and Jaguars could not score on November 7th.

Two out of 272 is a negligible number. It comes to 0.735%, implying that the true odds are more significant than +100000. There are instances when that bet is worthwhile to consider, but I wouldn’t blame you if you ignored it entirely.

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Bonuses for Anytime Touchdown Scorer Betting Sites

Suppose a bettor can consistently hit on a correct, anytime touchdown scorer. In that case, they can expect to earn significant money. Using betting bonuses is the most effective way to boost your odds of building your bankroll while betting on any touchdown scorer.

You can’t lose with no deposit-free bets, and with 100% or more matched bets, you might even double or triple your average takeaway. Discover some of the finest anytime touchdown scorer betting website bonuses and build your bankroll immediately.

Tips for Anytime TD Scorer

When it comes to gambling, anytime touchdown scorer props, there is no silver bullet. Football is still a volatile sport. However, you can do a few things to improve your winning percentage.

Keep an Eye Out for Injuries

Injuries can result in situations where backup players see more playing time for anytime touchdown scorer props. The most prominent example is a backup running back assuming the starting role, but it also applies to receivers.

You can sometimes time these injuries with the said sportsbook. If you act fast, you can sometimes get prop bets into place before the sportsbooks can adjust their lines. It is one of the simplest ways to obtain closing line value if you can accomplish this.

You can also take action even before the news becomes public. If you gamble on the backup running back while the starter is doubtful, you’ll get much value if the starter is ruled out. The backup player is likely to be reasonably priced even if he isn’t.

Pass Catchers on Target

Although running backs are the most likely to score weekly, wide receivers generally offer more excellent value. But, again, it is because they are usually accessible at better odds, which accumulates over time.

The data reflects their worth. Last season, 13 of the top 25 most profitable players were receivers. When tight ends are included, the total rises to 18.

Part-time receivers are clearly at a disadvantage in terms of snap count. Still, it appears that their big-play ability needs to be compensated for. While passing near the goal line is becoming more common, multiple long touchdowns are still scored each week.

Anytime Touchdown Prop Bets FAQs

Do passing touchdowns count in anytime TD scorer props?

No, passing touchdowns are not included in touchdown scorers at any time. The player must cross the goal line and enter the end zone. It’s why non-rushing quarterbacks are so expensive in the anytime touchdown industry; Joe Burrow had been +550 at FanDuel to score throughout his 2022 Week 4 game against the Dolphins, despite having only five career rushing touchdowns.

What takes place if my anytime TD scorer does not appear?

Depending on the book and also the scenario, there are three main outcomes:

  • If your player is ruled inactive by the NFL, your wager will be refunded.
  • Your bet may still stand if your player is engaged but does not play a snap, depending on the book.
  • Other books require your player to play a snap in order for the wager to count.

What does anytime touchdown scorer mean for QB?

To be eligible to apply as an anytime touchdown scorer, a player must first enter the endzone. Only the player who caught the touchdown pass counts as the scorer when a quarterback throws a touchdown pass.

What does anytime scorer mean in Football?

You are wagering on whether or not a player might very well score a goal in a game with this line.