Smash The Pig Slots

smash the pig slots

Smash the Pig slots is an IGT online video slot with five reels, three rows, as well as 20 fixed paylines.

It’s a brightly colored slot that’s entertaining but not designed to be taken seriously. There is no plot or overarching theme, but that is precisely the point. Outside of the game, the premise is absurd—smashing images of pigs is not an activity any rational person would consider. However, once users start playing, the more pig images you have the chance to smash, the more money you earn. So it certainly makes sense in that context.

Given its unusual premise, many have raised their eyebrows, with much questioning the legitimacy of this game prior to its release. But can this theme be turned into a fun game, being as unbiased as possible? There is only one way of discovering!







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These Little Pigs Went to Market

Smash the Pig has two words to describe it: sweet perfection. When the game begins, your eyes will be handled to a slew of vibrant colors throughout the screen. This label is themed around a sunny morning on the farm, and the game does an excellent job of reflecting that.

The reels are in the center of the screen, as is customary with Spielo titles, and the background is a lush green hill with a lovely blue sky above. However, the level of detail in this game is what really sets it apart from the competition. Complicated elements that give this game extra “pop” can be found throughout.

While Smash the Pig may not feature the most inventive theme, its visual performance is undeniably impressive.

The Story of the Three Little Pigs

A bonus sign in Smash the Pig appears to work to enter your “Pick Gauge.” When you get this bonus, the Pick Gauge will let you smash up to a certain number of pigs to win an instant prize. If you possess good selections to smash more pigs, they will appear on the screen. These pigs are also charming since they will hold signs that say, “I’m not feeling well!” or “I agree with Porky!”. You’re unlikely to find many bonus features that are more abstract than this.

Pigs at the Trough!

This casino slot somehow doesn’t require a high-life vibe to entice you, nor does it need cliché casino-styled games to be enjoyable. Instead, this online gambling slot is a lot of fun, featuring only a pig and a great time. In addition, the game incorporates some great gameplay mechanics and a lot of charm that makes it a pleasure to play.

Smash the Pig, even as odd, represents a genuine tour de force in online slot game creation, demonstrating Spielo’s ability to think outside the box when necessary. When it comes down to it, Smash the Pig is a game you want to take advantage of!

Gameplay of Smash and Grab

When you win in Smash the Pig, the winning symbols will be illustrated on screen with a different color depending on the payline and associated animation. This animation, in turn, largely depends on the symbols displayed.

When it comes to paylines, it is a 5-reel slot with 20 of them. A scatter icon (The Piggy Bank) initiates a bonus attribute if three or even more of them appear. All of the pigs will be arranged in the middle row during this bonus round. You also will smash a piggy bank that will give you a varying amount of money.

An IGT Product

IGT, which stands for International Game Technology, has been manufacturing casino games for decades. Several of its slots, including Smash the Pig, was initially designed for land-based casinos before being modified for web and mobile slot play. As a result, IGT is now one of the world’s leading developers, producers, and distribution companies of high-quality slots and table games, as well as gaming software for both land-based and online casinos.

Bonus Pig Smashing

One can trigger this bonus in two ways: winning it during the pick-a-pig bonus or having three or more scattered bonus icons land on the reels simultaneously in the base game.

A luck meter is included in the pig-smashing bonus. During the base game, the meter remains empty. Still, it fills up or partially fills up at the beginning of the pig-smashing bonus based on how many bonus symbols (3, 4, or 5) appear on the triggering spin.

You are given eight pigs and are instructed to smash one at a time. With each smash, you receive a new reward (a 1-20x bet multiplier), but less luck remains in your luck meter. You continue picking and smashing until the meter runs out, or you smash five pigs, whichever comes first. Suppose you smash five pigs while still having enough fortune in the meter to continue. In that case, the remaining three pigs will flee, eight new pigs will appear, and the bonus round will continue.