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How to Bet on NFL Games

how to bet on nfl games

To win money gambling on Sundays, you must first understand what you’re doing when you open an account with an online sportsbook. It includes learning how to read odds, How to Bet on NFL Games, and comprehend all of the NFL bets available for any given game.

A plethora of rules, regulations, and laws govern betting. Aside from the formal and constitutional aspects of such guidelines, there are several things you should be aware of before you start betting on the NFL. Learning about NFL betting rules can help you make better bets and increase your earnings.

How to Bet on NFL Games

Betting and gambling have never been more straightforward or more available than they are today. People worldwide can bet on football games that are taking place halfway across the country from the convenience of their homes. Learning to bet on the NFL online is a great way to expand your horizons. Determine how to bet online!

Knowing the NFL rules is the first step toward winning big by wagering on football. Knowing the game’s rules allows you to make better, more knowledgeable bets on players and matches centered on their potential to play the game well. In addition, football is reasonably simple to understand, so you can quickly learn the rules regardless of whether you’ve never watched a game!

The Best NFL Bets

NFL Moneyline Betting

Selecting the game’s winner, no matter the final score is all required here. You have two options; if you choose correctly, your bet wins. It’s a good choice for beginners or anyone who wants to keep things simple.

A negative Moneyline number means how much you’d have to risk to win $100. So, if you gamble $260 on the Eagles at -260, you’d stand to profit $100 if the Eagles win because they’re a huge favorite.

The Moneyline for underdogs depicts the profit on an effective $100 wager. For example, I am getting the Giants at +210 means that a $100 bet could result in a profit of $210. Because Philadelphia is a heavy favorite, the reward for choosing the Giants is much greater.

NFL Point Spread Betting

To level the playing field for bettors, oddsmakers assign a point spread to every game. After all, the teams’ talent levels may be unevenly distributed, as evidenced by the Moneyline. The point spread allows bettors to take favorites without huge Moneyline risk or underdogs without having to contend with considerable odds to win.

Favorites must win by more significance than the point spread to “cover” the number and win your bet. Underdogs can cover if they win by any score or lose less than the spread.

The point spreads for both teams will be the same (one positive, one negative), but the odds may differ. Point spread prices will typically range between -125 and +100, relying on betting action and detailed knowledge about the two teams.

Suppose the spread is a whole number, and the favorite wins by that exact amount (for example, the Eagles are -7 and win by precisely seven points). The bet is a push, and the sportsbook will credit your account with the original wager.

NFL Totals (Under/Over)

Betting on totals entails predicting whether the total score will be more excellent or under a predetermined number set by the sportsbook. It’s another simple wager that’s very popular on Sundays.

In our example, a bet over 45.5 (-115) might pay out if the Giants and Eagles combined to score 46 or more points. Taking the under requires them to score 45 points or less.

Totals lines, like spreads, typically range between +100 and -125. Players can find totals for individual teams, quarters, and halves in the props section.

Props for NFL Players

Regarding NFL betting, player props are among the most popular. Many fans are familiar with fantasy sports, so player statistics pique their interest. Listed below are some examples of potential wagers:

  • Touchdown scorer 
  • Total yards
  • Total pass attempts, completions, and receptions

NFL Props for Games and Team Props

This section is for bets on an in-game incident or the successes of a specific team. Based on the sportsbook, these sections may be combined or separated. However, the types of bets available may include the following:

  • Alternate lines 
  • Total field goals/touchdowns 
  • Winning margin
  • Team totals 
  • The first team to X points
  • Halftime/full-time result

NFL Parlay Betting

Parlays incorporate different legs into one bet to increase the potential payout. Whereas these bets are challenging to place because you must win every leg, they are still trendy among many NFL fans.

The bet must have at least two legs to qualify as a parlay. What’s great about today’s plethora of NFL betting options is that gamblers have a nearly limitless supply of choices. Furthermore, parlays can have odds that are as large or as small as you want. Finally, you can combine bets in various ways regarding NFL parlays.

NFL Live Betting

You can bet in real-time after the ball is kicked off. In recent years, live betting has grown in popularity. Once the game begins, you’ll notice new betting opportunities depending on the circumstance or portion of the game.

  • Halftime: Bet on the first or second half, such as which team will score the most points in that timeframe.
  • Quarters: Similar to halves, but from a quarter standpoint, with options such as the team with the most yards rushing in the period.
  • Drives: Examine each drive and place a bet on the outcome, such as a touchdown, field goal, turnover, or punt. These are uncommon.

While live betting, you’ll also see a variety of props, most of which will be related to what you’d see just before the game but with odds designed to reflect the current situation. Live bets are frequently settled using official league data and statistics.

NFL Futures Markets

These are bets on long-term outcomes. The NFL futures market is very involved, with odds released in the offseason and fluctuating based on betting activity.

  • Winner of the Super Bowl
  • Division and conference winners
  • Regular-season win totals for each team
  • Teams from the playoffs and non-playoffs
  • Individual awards, such as NFL MVP betting,
  • Individual statistical achievements

Futures are long-term bets because they cannot be settled until the outcome is known. In the rare scenario that the season is canceled, the book will nullify and refund futures bets. Therefore, always check the specific house rules before placing any wager.

Where to Place Online NFL Games Betting

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How to Bet on NFL Games FAQs


Everything in the NFL is constantly changing, so whatever strategy you choose, be prepared to change it. Other helpful hints include remaining objective, knowing your market, staying current with news, and tracking your results.


Investigate available game matchups, locate the best NFL odds, open an account with a sportsbook, deposit money, and place your wager. This guide will walk you through the options if you need help deciding what kind of bet to place.


Predictions are only sometimes correct, but it is possible to create a reasonably accurate forecast by evaluating various factors influencing the game. Lines have a prediction service with a high accuracy rating.