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What Does PK Mean in Betting?

What does PK stand for in betting? The abbreviation “PK” stands for “pick” or “pick ’em” and refers even to money bets in point spread gambling. In sports betting, PK implies that no team is the favorite or underdog; thus, the point spread is zero.

When you put a PK bet on most gambling websites, you are gambling on one team or another to win, regardless of the margin of victory. As a result, if not for the juice, you’d risk a dollar with this type of bet to earn a dollar.

We will explain “What does PK mean in sports betting?” below with examples and a list of a few suggested bookmakers, and then you can find these bets faster and try your luck today.

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What Exactly is PK in Betting?

In soccer betting, a PK or pick them is primarily a point spread where neither team receives any points. It is also sometimes represented as +0 or -0.

You win your bet if the team you gambled on wins the penalty shootout. If you bet on a team at PK and they lose, your bet is forfeited. If the game ends in a tie, your bet is refunded because a tie at +0 or -0 on the spread is considered a push.

Spread betting is about the winning margin; if you wager a team at +1, you will win if the game ends in a tie, and you’d lose if your team loses by one goal.

Betting on a PK is similar to betting on a Draw No Bet, and the odds offered by sportsbooks ought to be identical or very close.

If the teams are evenly matched, each will be around -110 on the penalty kill. However, if one is significantly better, the odds will mirror that.

Gamblers can find PK betting opportunities in any sport. Still, it is more prevalent in famous sports, including football, basketball, and American football. This term is doubtful to be used on betting websites. For example, when you visit NFL bookies, you may not find a betting type called “PK” listed.


Please take the following scenario: two teams are scheduled to play an essential Super Bowl match, although one of the star quarterbacks is injured before the game. As a result, the point spread has been reduced to the point where it is a PK game.

Sports books would usually advertise it like Team A – PK (-110), Team B – PK (-110) in such a case. It means you’d have to bet $110 with either team for an opportunity to secure $100 if your team won the game.

How do you Interpret Pick’em Odds?

Although the point spread for both teams is essentially zero, that does not imply one team is not favored against the other. You can read which the oddsmakers are leaning depending on the live odds.

The standard odds number for two choices with 50% chances is -110 on both sides. However, those figures will occasionally shift slightly. For example, assume the Los Angeles Rams are playing the Green Bay Packers in an upcoming match, and the game is listed as a PK by the oddsmakers.

What Happens If You Push?

In sports betting jargon, a push is equivalent to a tie. What this implies for your wager is determined by the sport. For example, a basketball game will never end in a tie, but NFL games do occasionally.

In this type, a tie might be a negative situation for the sportsbook because everyone would get their cash back, indicating the book would make no profit. However, point spread odds with -110 as the standard indicate that betting on both sides is roughly equal. Therefore, the sportsbook is guaranteed a profit as long as there is no push. To eliminate this possibility, many point spreads or totals would then end in.5.

Given the rarity of an NFL game appearing as a pick’em at a sportsbook and the rareness of a tie in an NFL game, it would be a terrible result for a sportsbook.

What does a Penalty Kick Mean in Soccer Betting?

What exactly is a pick’em bet in soccer? A PK bet is unique in a soccer game, where ties are shared, and the winning margin is generally tiny. The standard soccer bet is a Moneyline bet on one of the teams to win, with the alternative of wagering on a tie. Then, select the “draw no bet” option to eliminate the tie bet.

Unlike in football or basketball, where the PK odds are very close, the odds for a draw no wager in soccer can differ significantly, including one team coming in as a significant favorite. A tie would result in a push.

What Does PK Mean in Betting FAQs

What does PK in basketball betting mean?

Basketball is among the most straightforward sports to bet on, and PK implies that there’s no spread; you pick the winner.

What does PK in NFL betting mean?

PK potentials can also be observed when betting on NFL football. Along with all other sports, both teams’ chances of winning are equal.

What does PK in NHL betting mean?

It means the same thing as when the odds of different handicaps are equivalent or when both teams have the same chance of winning. Even so, PK is also short for “puck” in hockey.

What does PK -10 in betting mean?

It means that one of the teams is disadvantaged by a -10 handicap. However, the other team may also have a +10 handicap, and the odds for these two outcomes are the same.

What does PK in football betting mean?

Because it usually only requires picking the winning side, PK can also be used as a profitable football gambling strategy. So, what does PK mean in soccer gambling? It simply means that both teams have the same power zero-point spread or have the same handicap odds.