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Run Line Betting – How To Bet On The Run Line

Since the legalization of sports betting in Pennsylvania, various sports have become fan favorites among Pennsylvania gamblers. Even though the state does not have a major league team, wagering on professional baseball is extremely popular. There are several profitable baseball betting options, one of which is the Run Line Betting.

Below, we’ll go over everything you need to learn about baseball Run Lines.

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What Exactly is the Runline?

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Baseball’s equivalent of the point spread is the Run Line. If betting on the Run Line, the favorite is -1.5 runs upon this spread, while the underdog is +1.5 runs. If you bet on the favorite, your team must win by two or more runs. In contrast, wagering on the underdog at +1.5 indicates that your team can win or lose by one run, and your ticket will still be valid.

Why Should I Place My Bet on the Runline?

It’s a great leveler. Let’s face it: the casual sports gambler is frequently drawn to gambling on favorites. So, naturally, they want to bet on the winning teams. But, because most baseball betting is based on the Moneyline, the general gambling public isn’t overly excited about the return on -200 to -300 favorites. 

Rather than laying some of these prices, punters are more interested in laying a Run Line. In contrast, placing a bet on a +200 underdog who is expected to lose more than 60% of the time can be challenging. However, if you have a two-run lead, it becomes easier to bet on them.

What Is a Run Line in Baseball Betting?

The Run Line betting is a figure set by bookmakers that indicates to bettors the amount a team must win or lose to be considered a successful wager. Is that something you’ve heard before? Because it ought to, despite the term “Run Line,” isn’t as well recognized among bettors as some others.

Finding its counterpart in many other sports can help you understand the Run Line bet. For example, the main bet types in basketball and football are the money line, point spread, and total. Consider the Run Line to be baseball’s equivalent of a point spread.

The method of betting on the Run Line is similar to betting against the spread in other sports like the NFL and NBA. However, there are other aspects of the Run Line that distinguish it.

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Baseball Betting Strategy: Run Line Betting

The MLB season is a lengthy and challenging journey with packed schedules of games to enjoy along the way. The excitement initiates on operating day and continues until the World Series.

Sports betting is becoming legal in many US states, including Illinois. For each game on the schedule, bettors have several options for getting in on the action.

The Run Line bet is considered one of the most popular options. This wager works similarly to the point spread found in other sports. However, there are some key differences to be aware of.

We’ve covered everything here, from how this bet works to what to look for on the odds board and the procedure for handicapping it. Let’s start with a closer look at how the Run Line works.

Explanation of Run Line Betting

First Five Run Lines 

Like the first-half wager in basketball or football, you can bet on the score upon five innings of a baseball game. However, suppose bettors are focused on a particular starting pitcher matchup and would like to avoid bullpens later in the game. In that case, they will look to wager on the first five innings rather than the entire game. 

Rather than the -1.5 / +1.5 Run Lines for the entire game, the first five innings have a -0.5 / +0.5 Run Line. Betting on the favorite with the initial five-Run Line requires them to be trying to win after five complete innings. If the two teams are evenly matched after five innings, betting on the underdog with said +0.5 head start enables the bet to cash.

Reverse Run Lines

A reverse Run Line provides the favorite a +1.5 advantage and places the underdog in the -1.5 position. Bettors may be interested in this choice if they search for an underdog who they believe will win by 2+ runs at a highly attractive price.

Alternate Run Lines

The alternate Run Line increases the point spread from 1.5 to 2.5 runs. So the favorite must win by three runs or more, while the underdog can now lose by two runs and yet still cash a wager on the alternate Run Line.


Because not every sports book performs the same way, it’s important to double-check your sports book’s house rules. Here’s how rain-shortened games are typically handled: Runline bets should be completed for nine innings. If a game is called in the seventh inning, all Run Line bets will be refunded, regardless of the score. 

If you bet New York -1.5 and they are up 8-0 in the seventh inning, you get a terrible break whenever the game is called. However, if you had Cleveland +1.5 and they ended up losing 8-0 in the seventh inning, today is your lucky day because you will get your money back.

Listed Pitchers

When betting on the Run Line, the listed starting pitchers for each team are automatically included. If the pitchers change between the time you place your bet and the start of the game, the sportsbook will refund your stake, and you will need to replace your wager with the new pitchers if desired.

What You Should Know About Run Line Betting

The Run Line bet has been one of the showcased MLB betting options. It works similarly to the point spread wager famous in other sports. You can go with the favorite minus a certain number of runs or select the underdog plus the line.

To provide a winning bet, the side you choose must cover the Run Line. Unlike spreads, the Run Line is fixed at 1.5 runs. However, operators can provide alternate Run Lines for individual games under the “more wagers” section.

Odds are connected to both sides of the Run Line, and the numbers will change in response to betting activity. You could also shop around for the best deal. Handicapping the Run Line can be difficult at first. Still, it’s a wager that can work well with an overall MLB betting strategy.