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The Philadelphia 76ers have Joined Forces with PokerStars Casino Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia 76ers have expressed an interest in collaborating with online gaming providers. The NBA franchise has officially signed a one-year deal with PokerStars Casino PA.

The Sixers have partnered with operators who use a sportsbook, which makes perfect sense. However, the Sixers’ collaboration with PA online casinos is an intriguing new strategy.

The Philadelphia 76ers and PokerStars Casino Pennsylvania have Joined Forces

According to the PokerStars Casino PA website, fresh and exciting deals will be available to players as a result of the association with the Sixers.

PokerStars is not a new player in the sports world. It presently has NHL ties with the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings, as well as Oracle Red Bull Racing. According to the PokerStars website, the Sixers’ contract contains the following:

“As part of the major collaboration with the Philadelphia 76ers, monthly freerolls will be added during the basketball season.” PokerStars players and Sixers fans will have the opportunity to win game tickets, gear, and PokerStars credit.”

The deal includes PokerStars branding within the Wells Fargo Center as well as “plenty of in-game experiences.”

Partnerships between the Philadelphia 76ers and Other Pennsylvania Online Casinos

PokerStars does not constitute the only online gambling site associated with the Sixers. Last week, BetMGM and the Sixers announced a multi-year collaboration focused primarily on sports.

Sixers fans visiting the Wells Fargo Center will notice BetMGM signage throughout the arena, as they did with PokerStars. BetMGM and the Sixers are also working together to coordinate VIP fan perks such as courtside access for pre-game shootarounds and luxury seating for games.

Due to the nature of this partnership between the Sixers and BetMGM, BetMGM Sportsbook PA, users will have access to a 50% live odds enhancement token during 76ers games.

Despite the fact that this is a sports-related collaboration, the Sixers have a location on BetMGM Casino PA as well. Only at BetMGM can you find Sixers-themed blackjack and roulette games.

The operator has made extensive use of sports teams to develop games for cross-selling from its sportsbook. Angus Nisbet, BetMGM’s VP of Gaming, stated in June that having such relationships and games has been critical to BetMGM’s success. On the iGaming Next podcast, Nisbet stated:

“We have exclusive games with the Philadelphia 76ers, where we do roulette and blackjack.” The Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, and New York Jets have openings. We now have National Hockey League berths that are solely ours. That’s all we’re doing on our own.”

Pennsylvania internet casinos are not hesitant to collaborate with sports teams. The Sixers, PokerStars, and BetMGM all look to be betting big.