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Is Online Roulette Rigged?

online roulette rigged

You understand how I feel. You get to have a roulette bonus, everything looks like it’s going well, and you’re piling up chips. Then you start gambling using your money, and your fortunes shift. Everyone has experienced this scenario at a minimum once or twice. Most players are left wondering, “Is online roulette rigged?”

In this article, I’ll explain why online roulette is rigged, yet not in the manner that you believe. I’ll also reassure you that there isn’t some evil gambling genius trying to interfere with the game algorithms, at least not at legitimate roulette casinos.







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What Exactly is Online Roulette?

Roulette has been a mainstay in brick-and-mortar casinos for a long time, attracting gamblers from every part of the world for generations. The wheel of fortune has a great mix of chance, skill, and enjoyment that keeps players returning for more.

Because of its enormous popularity in brick-and-mortar casinos, adding roulette to online casinos was a no-brainer. No major online casino has a few roulette options available for play.

Is Online Roulette Rigged?

Sometimes when you look at Reddit posts regarding roulette or any other gambling forums, you’ll notice that many people believe gambling sites are scams. Many forum members are persuaded that online roulette is designed to cheat them. They can indeed be convincing if you view enough of them.

So, is it true that online roulette is rigged? The short answer is no. It does not. Roulette is not rigged online due to the exact reason it is not rigged in person: the casino does not need to manipulate the game in order to make money! Double zero roulette, by far one of the most popular versions of the game today, has a designed house advantage of slightly more than 5%. 

That indicates that for each $100 that you wager on the wheel, the casino is going to keep $5. It might not appear to be a lot of money, but when you consider the millions of wheel spins as well as hundreds of millions of dollars that are wagered each year, that 5% house advantage adds up quickly.

All online casinos place a high value on their reputations since any hint of inappropriate conduct would cause them to close their doors instantly, given the fierce competition. It would be foolish for such gambling sites to do anything that might appear shady since it could cost them millions of dollars. I can tell you that not solely is roulette not rigged online. Still, the game is actually much more enjoyable for players online than it is in a live casino!

How would I be so sure? First, I’ll explain how I understand online roulette isn’t rigged the majority of the time.

Regulatory Oversight

For those of you who are still doubtful about online roulette becoming rigged, the first topic we will discuss should help to put your mind at ease. In the US, all gaming is governed by state gaming commissions.

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators (RNGs in industry parlance) are software algorithms that spit millions of numbers every second; casinos like Caesars online casino PA uses that. Each number corresponds to a game outcome. In the case of roulette, a game result is a number like 10, 18, or 32. So each number does have an equal likelihood of being selected on each spin.

As soon as you click “spin,” the program gets to pick one of the numbers wherein the random number generator has formed. There are instances of Provably Fair games that you may employ to check that no foul play has occurred. All use Bitcoin technology like hashing, and then let you check game results for fairness.

Is it Possible that Live Dealer Roulette Games are Rigged?

We’ve ruled out the possibility of rigged online roulette games, but what about rigged live dealer games? Isn’t running a skewed roulette wheel out of a game studio simpler?

The answer is always the same. There have been rigged live roulette games at fraudulent casinos, but not at legitimate ones like Evolution Gaming. These guys did not build multinational corporations with UKGC and Malta gaming licenses by acting like criminals.

Final Word

You should now be able to see for yourself that the vast majority of online roulette games aren’t rigged. Third parties with no incentive to defraud you determine game outcomes. My research indicates that at least one major gaming software company operates fair games. But, of course, you’ll have to trust that the same group of game testers and regulators who keep these roulette games fair will also keep the rest fair.

Well, that’s it, folks! Online roulette is obviously not rigged, but it also is a markedly improved game than that of the game you will find at your local casino. Whether it’s the quicker gameplay, greater odds, lower limits, or even more proper regulatory oversight, online roulette is the better game!

Don’t believe the people who always gamble too much and then rant online. Instead, bet inside of your means, play legit online roulette games and remember that the casino always holds a slight advantage. You will have an entertaining and authentic online gambling experience if you follow these guidelines.